Gus and Kaylene Knoell

*I should have posted this months ago*

My youngest brother Gus married Kaylene Moriarty last November.

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They have a beautiful daughter together named, Aubrey Joan Knoell.


We also got a rare photo of all the siblings together at their wedding.


From left to right (youngest to oldest): Gus, Frank, Ben, Clara, Danny, John, Ted, Eddie, myself, Tom, Bridget, Mom and Dad.


Arthur and Alaska

Recently I was blessed to witness a good friend’s deaconate ordination this past June in Anchorage, Alaska. Deacon Arthur Roraff was my boss for five years while I was a resident of Anchorage. We also happened to run around in the same circle. I was lucky enough to work for/with Arthur who I was able to attend daily Mass with. Those years spent in Anchorage working with The Coordinators, Inc. was probably some of the best years of my life. I count down the days until his priestly ordination next June. Congratulations, Arthur! May God bless you always.

Photos courtesy of Ron Nicholl.













Sneak Peek

A surprise look at #5.

We just entered the 2nd trimester and are excited to meet him/her in mid November.

A thumb sucker like mom used to be.

Skinny Leg

Skinny Leg

St. Patrick’s Day 2014

The Burch’s put on yet ANOTHER incredible St. Patrick’s Day Block Party this year.

Simeon, Dad, Joseph, and Constantine

Simeon, Dad, Joseph, and Constantine

Dad (doing what he does best) and Ignatius

Dad (doing what he does best) and Ignatius

First of many…

Today I washed the first ever “skid marked” underwear in this household. Not mine of course but Constantine’s. I am proud to announce that he is nearly 90% potty trained! And it was a piece of cake which means that I should have done it a lot sooner than I did. So, only three in diapers now, yay!